Level Project

Design & Contract


Contract, in creating, designing, and producing interior design products and integrated furnishing systems for the world, represents the new phase that LEVEL PROJECT is undergoing in structural development, which finds concrete expression in the Design & Contract Division within the Galatina headquarters. This complex experimental phase will result in the creation of limited – edition collections of new interior design products and the creation of the first ever LEVEL PROJECT signature catalogue.


Our journey has been an enriching one over the years and continues to be so as we go from one construction site to another, so it is only natural that our new headquarters be conceived of in the form of a modern, sophisticated, technological, and sustainable Construction Site, designed and built as a sort of Smart-Box. An integrated intelligent box to communicate our business model to the outside world and to ourselves, to those of us who experience it everyday, which is a new form of work culture that we intend to pursue in facing new challenges.


This work of integrated design and production requires technical and organizational ability backed by great passion when dealing with projects that are different each and every time, not to mention complex and sophisticated: ranging from real estate, hotels, restaurants, stores, museum spaces, and airports, all the way to the exclusive marine world, which is where the most prestigious names in the Project World can be found engaged in synergy with the most established of Italian an international design brands. LEVEL, thanks to its operational interfacing with AP MONTAGGI, has been an integral part of this Made in Italy system of excellence.