Level Project

Design & Contract

  • LEVEL PROJECT Headquarters, interiors – Galatina (Italy)

  • LEVEL PROJECT Headquarters, exteriors – Galatina (Italy)

  • LEVEL PROJECT Production Area – Galatina (Italy)

…the awareness
of what we were
when we first started out,
of what we have become,
and of all that we are yet to achieve
reinforces our idea


The way in which our work and, therefore, our business has evolved so rapidly has been a determining factor in our need to promote and formalize the project of the current new headquarters of LEVEL PROJECT in Galatina.

This mainly meant a shift in culture, followed by new planning, structural and entrepreneurial choices.

We started out not too long ago in this extraordinary area on the “outskirts” of town, with our limits and strengths, and it is from here that we want to continue evolving with all our experiences, acquired over years of work around the world, going from one construction site to another.

The Construction Site is, within the Design World, where all the technical, organizational, and executive dynamics of our work materialize. It is a place for sharing, meeting and exchanging knowledge, skills, and experiences.

We have learnt a lot throughout our Journey and we keep learning with every construction site we work on. We therefore conceived our new headquarters as a modern, sophisticated, high tech and sustainable Construction Site, designed and built as a Smart Box. An integrated, intelligent box to relay our business model to the outside world and to act as a reminder to ourselves of the new working culture we aim to pursue when facing new challenges.

The Design and Arts Workshop, as we like to call it, is a space where nature and artifice, services, knowledge, organization, projects, production and vision flow together and thereby harmoniously share a logic of sharing and shared responsibility.

This is symbolized by Creativity and Art with works by contemporary creators exhibited throughout the interior and exterior spaces as a transversal and identifying mark of our current and future work.

This “industrial warehouse” was reimagined as modern contemporary architecture by architect Nicola Minerba who has created a first example of Green-Factory in the area.